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Residential solar install in Mission Viejo, CA

Residential Solar California

California's #1 residential solar company

Home Efficiency First

Before you go solar in California it's important to make sure your home is energy efficient first. Here are some suggestions you can implement to limit energy waste:

  • switch light bulbs to LED lighting

  • upgrade your windows

  • use a tankless water heater

  • use a toaster oven or air fryer when possible

  • unplug electronics when not using them

  • weather seal doors and windows

  • update your HVAC system

  • update your pool pump

  • make sure the walls and attic are well insulated

  • use energy efficient appliances

Benefits of Home Solar

Save money on power

Harnessing the power of the sun is far less costly than paying the utility for power. With home solar panels you'll avoid ever-increasing utility rates, delivery and transmission fees.

Eliminate your power bill all together

When home solar is done right you won't have a power bill from the utility ever again. Also, when you own your solar outright you won't even have a power bill. You home solar system will pay for itself and then some.

Build equity in your home

Purchasing a solar system for your home in California will add value and equity to your property. Solar converts your electric bill liability into an asset that give you a return on your investment.

Protect your home from increasing utility rates

When home solar is done right you won't have a power bill from the utility ever again. Say goodbye to the utility monopoly and their yearly rate increases.

Cut your ties with the utility

When you power your home with solar panels and the sun you're minimizing your reliance on the dirty fossil fuel industry and supporting a cleaner future for all.

Use battery storage to have power when there's an outage

With home backup energy storage you can power your house throughout rolling brownouts, blackouts or when the grid shuts down for maintenance.

Take advantage of the federal tax credit

The ITC (Investment Tax Credit) for installing solar panels on your home is 26% in 2022. This is a dollar for dollar credit (equivalent to 26% of the total contract price of your solar system) on your income tax return when you file next year.

Help the environment

Solar panels produce energy for decades with no moving parts or emissions, which means cleaner air, saved water and trees.

Stop solar solicitors from knocking on your door

It's very likely that after you go solar, door to door solar solicitors will bypass your home. That's a win if you ask me.

Average Home Solar
Savings in California

$10,000 to

Over 20 Years

Home Solar Panel Installation

Solar Energy Review

Powell Michael
Foothill Ranch, CA
After sitting through several sales pitches for purchasing/leasing/installing solar from other outfits I was reluctant to hear yet another. But Matt was great and spoke my language. Our system is installed and we are very happy with the results.
5 Star Google Rating
Powell Michael

Residential Solar Warranty

For solar ownership we provide a 30 year extended warranty that covers:

  • the equipment including the solar panels, inverters and battery

  • parts and labor

  • roof penetration

  • insurance

  • performance and production

  • active monitoring

  • transfer of warranty to new homeowner

Roofing and Home Solar

Residential solar and roofing

Residential solar and roofing go hand-in-hand. Before you install solar panels on your house make sure the roof is up to par. Whether you need roof repairs, modifications or a whole new roof, we have you covered! Our in-house roofing division provides 50 year warranty roofing options. Do you want a composite shingle, concrete tile, clay or metal roof? Let's talk about your options and what's the best fit for your home. 

Benefits of Battery Storage

  • have power during a blackout

  • draw power from your battery when the utility rates are the highest

  • save money on electricity

  • rely less on the utility grid

  • take advantage of any state incentives for installation of a solar battery

Tesla solar battery storage installation

Steps To Residential Solar

  1. consult with an expert​

  2. sign documents​

  3. conduct a site survey

  4. finalize solar design

  5. permitting

  6. installation

  7. city inspection

  8. utility grants permission to operate (PTO)

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